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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

I am an experienced, non-judgemental, counsellor who belongs to the Accredited Voluntary Register of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I adhere to BACP - Ethical framework. I have been a member of the BACP and offering One to One Counselling since 2011.

I gained a BA HONS degree in Counselling, to achieve this BA HONS level of Counselling I have successfully completed.

  1. 1,872 of taught hours of Counselling theory.

  2. 60+ hours of Personal Therapy.

  3. 100+ hours working as a therapist in placement.

  4. Over 100 hours clinical supervision.

After leaving university, I have continued to work as therapist moving through the ranks of the BACP membership from a student member, registered to accredited member, I have gained a Certificate of Proficiency with the BACP which certify my place on their register of proficient therapists who work safely and ethically within the BACP standards of good practice and adhere to their ethical framework. (

I have worked successfully as both a Counsellor and Supervisor for several years in my own private practice as well as in the counselling industry. I have a wide experience ranging from; working with clients from varied backgrounds of all ages from 8 – 80! Having worked with charities, employment assistance programs across the UK and local schools offering one to one counselling.

I have extensive knowledge of working with transgender or nonbinary individuals and their families and young adults; having worked successfully as a therapist for the Young Concern Trust (YCT) - Helping making counselling accessible for young people around Essex and Hertfordshire. I also work in secondary schools/colleges as a counsellor working with Teachers, Students and Parents and currently working with Barnardo’s.

I also have great experience of using performance within a therapeutic setting. My work is not just confined to the chair, working with dyslexic clients and other neurodiversity clients, I find I have a particular strength in working with young people or those who struggle to express themselves in direct ways. I offer support to therapists in training as a Counsellor, Supervisor or Tutor at a student rate. I am a registered provider for several health insurance companies offering counselling. I have an enhanced DBS for both young people and adults. I have also lectured both Counselling Skills Level 2 and the Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

have continued to have extended periods of personal therapy and regularly undertaking CPD (continuing professional development) at least 50 hours a year. All of this is still fundamentally important to me as I am mindful that it’s important that as a counsellor I practice what I preach - much like those I work with, I am forever growing and evolving and have no shame in this.

Before I embarked upon working as Counsellor my background was in the Arts. I trained as an Actor and worked as performer on both stage and screen. The training that being in the Arts afforded me was an ability to work with individuals in various creative ways and the ability to express one’s thoughts and feelings in ways more than talking. Since then I have enhanced this skill by working with Expressive Arts within therapy.

I can offer you a non-judgemental friendly confidential and accepting environment – somewhere where you are allowed to truly be who you want to be and can explore all areas of self. I offer you the environment to explore yourself through various creative outlets.

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